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The December 2021 floods severely impacted much of the country, resulting in loss of life and livelihoods. Millions of books too were lost in the flood, restricting access to knowledge and empowerment.


Big Bad Wolf Books was not spared from the devastation, but now the recovery and rebuilding is underway. ‘Changing the World, One Book at a Time’has always been our mission, making books accessible to all and creating and inspiring a new generation of readers.


We pledge to build 2,000 libraries for deserving communities nationwide. This is the Big Bad Giveback - our rallying call for everyone to join and support us to build libraries for kindergartens and schools, underprivileged families and orphanages, neighbourhood community centres and low-cost flats and, indeed, to any group that has a serious need for books.


Every contribution countswhen it comes to creating these libraries, all heavily subsidised by Big Bad Wolf Books. From as little as RM20 for 3 books to RM3500 for an entire library, this is your chance to make a real difference to the lives of those in need.


Together as one, we will recover BIGGER, STRONGER.

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Should You Be Keen To Support Us Or Require Additional Information, Kindly Contact Us at
thank you for your support
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