The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale began in 2009 at Dataran Hamodal as a warehouse sale by remainder bookstore BookXcess, dealing in various genres from best-sellers and children’s books to specialist titles and deluxe coffee-table tomes.

Book discounts can be as high as 95% at the Sale! We help thousands of Malaysians every year discover the joys of highly affordable, accessible reading. Our low prices encourage customers to take a chance on new authors and genres they might never have tried before. For intrepid readers, no two visits to the Sale are ever the same!

Today, the Big Bad Wolf travels across the world each year with his collection of low-priced books, before returning to Kuala Lumpur for his main Sale that gets bigger, bolder and badder every year! Whether you’re looking for modern classics, a child’s new library, obscure titles or something completely new and exciting, the Wolf has a book or ten waiting just for you.

As part of his plans to take over the world, the Big Bad Wolf has been to Jakarta and has now returned to Bangkok for the second time! Stay tuned for more updates!