The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Returns – Be on your toes Kuala Lumpur, the biggest book sale in the world is making its way back once again! After scouring the globe for juicy deals, the Wolf has finally decided to come home; lugging with him 4.5 million new books at 75% – 95% discount.

Be sure to save the date and not miss out on your chance to hunt down all the amazing books he has been curating just for you. Round up your pack and storm the Wolf’s lair. The hunt is on! #BBWKL2018

Date: 7 December – 17 December 2018

Time: Non-stop 7 Dec 2018 10.00am -
17 Dec 2018 23.59pm

Venue: MIECC, The Mines

Survival Checklist

Bring:Lots of cash and a great attitude!

Wear:Light, loose comfortable clothing and shoes

Come:Outside peak hours for maximum shopping comfort (weekdays 11 am - 5 pm)

Plan:Chart an optimum route through the fair. Expect to spend at least 2 – 5 hours with us!

Avoid:Tossing your unwanted books everywhere (put them back where you found them!)