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What/When is the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale?

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is the world's BIGGEST (and most affordable!) book sale. He’s now back in Malaysia for the oh-so-delicious Big Bad Box Sale, where you can buy books by the boxful at a flat rate!

Where is the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale held?

The Big Bad Wolf Box Sale will be at MIECC from 26 May - 4 June, open from 11 am - 10 pm daily. Keep an eye out online for future sale venues!

How much are the books at the Sale?

You pay a flat rate for a box at the Sale. Our exclusive tapau boxes are priced as follows:
Small Tapau Box: RM79.90
Big Tapau Box: RM99.90
Family Tapau Pack: 1x Regular + 1x Big = RM160

Any books you fit inside while still closing the box flat, you keep for no extra charge!

What kind of books will be sold?

All sorts! You'll find children's books, all genres of fiction, references, resources, biographies and other mysterious treasures.

Do you have my favourite book/author/title/genre?

Because the Sale deals in excess/remainder books - a LOT of them at once! - it can be hard to say if a particular book will definitely be at the Sale. Keep an eye on the booklist on our front page, and other previews and reveals closer to the event. And remember that no two visits to the Sale are the same!

Can I order or reserve books from the Sale?

We do not take orders or reservations at the Sale. The best way to get at your favourites is at the event, in person.

Do you sell books online?

No, we do not...but our parent store BookXcess does! Check them out at and read more for less every day of the year.

Who is the Big Bad Wolf?

The Wolf is every Malaysian reader's best friend. His mission in life is to bring readers the very best books at the lowest prices.

When did the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale begin?

The first Sale was held in 2009 at Dataran Hamodal, then again in Amcorp Mall! Since then, it's grown by leaps and bounds.